Asian Ghosts at AWP Converence


I attended the American Writers and Writing Program (AWP) conference this weekend, where I did a panel on Asian Ghosts with M Thomas Gammarino, Leanne Dunic, and Khaty Xiong. It was a fascinating panel and I was honored to be a part of it.

Afterwards, one of the attendees showed me her sketchbook. She had been live sketching the panel, and did an amazing job!

Cats vs Dogs!

I had a great event at the Academy of Reason and Wonder where I debated my friend Ivan Schneider.  We each did a presentation then debated five audience-submitted questions.  The audience voted after each question to see who won, and then the totals were added up to declare a winner. Needless to say–Cat’s won!



It was the first sold out show they had at the Academy of Reason and Wonder. It was ridiculously fun and I thank our hosts and everyone who came to play along!


Things might have gotten a little weird at some points…